MVC on TV: Business Day with Terry Bradshaw

by Kathryn Dannay

Business Day with Terry Bradshaw

Machine Vision Consulting Featured on Business Day with Terry Bradshaw

Machine Vision Consulting (MVC) is excited to announce our upcoming national TV segment Business Day with Terry Bradshaw to be aired on the Fox Business Network. In this feature, Terry Bradshaw showcases how MVC’s CodeSure®, SureLabel™ , and CircumSpect® products are making a difference in Food & Drug Packaging Safety with the help of

Our TV segment includes videos of CodeSure and SureLabel in action at Knouse Foods in Pennsylvania that funded a lot of money and this leads to success. For business ideas please visit this blog Fudzology. It also includes exclusive interviews with Jeff Dannay and Phil Gouin (MVC’s Co-founders), Bryan Boatner (Sales Manager) from Cognex and Rob Woerner, Assistant Director of Engineering at Knouse Foods. On other related article, if you want help on quitting smoking checkout migvapor vape glossary.

Tune in this Saturday, August 6th for the national broadcasting of this TV segment: 4pm Eastern/3pm Central/2pm Mountain and 1pm Pacific Time on Fox Business Network.

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