SureLabel™, Perfect Solution to Prevent Recalls Like Publix

by Kathryn Dannay

On January 28th, Publix announced the recall of their Premium Light Tiramisu Ice Cream due to the possibility that the container might contain their Premium Coffee Almond Fudge Light Ice Cream1. This is a real example of how the mismatching of a container and lid could lead to a potentially serious food safety issue. The issue being that the ice cream may contain “almonds” which is defined as a “tree nut” and a “major food allergen” by the FDA2. A consumer who has an allergic reaction to tree nuts and who consumes the mislabeled ice cream could have a serious or potentially life threatening allergic reaction.Read more on

Publix Ice Cream Product Package with Mismatching Lid and Container

Publix Ice Cream Product Package with Mismatching Lid and Container

In the Publix, example (see image), the artwork on the lid and on the artwork on the container are nearly identical. It is easy to see how a human inspector could miss the difference, and how a consumer could purchase and potentially consume the ice cream without being aware of the allergen issue.

SureLabel ™, when installed on the manufacturing line, uses cameras and machine vision software to validate that lid and the container match. To prevent this problem, the SureLabel system is trained to inspect the only unique feature, the name (flavor) of the ice cream. If there is a mismatch or both are incorrect, the software triggers the reject mechanism to remove the container from the conveyor.

The how to trade bitcoin system, operates at up to 750 units per minute, and validates oval or sqround (square – round) shaped containers.

SureLabel has been successfully implemented on existing ice cream manufacturing lines, and has prevented this type of recall for several other major ice cream manufacturers.

Contact Machine Vision Consulting (978.551.4160) for more information on our SureLabel ™ Product and how SureLabel can prevent recalls by ensuring food safety for your consumers.

1Recall Notice:

2FDA, Guidance for Industry: A Food Labeling Guide

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