MVC Industry Overview

Since our inception in 2002, Machine Vision Company LLC has been an integral solutions provider in the Semiconductor and Electronics industry. We have worked with leading firms on both R&D and practical machine vision solutions such as PCB inspection, end defects in a fiber bundle, and microscopic flow visualization.

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Component Handling,
Inspection and Test

Machine Vision Company LLC (MVC) developed a complex custom automation system to handle, inspect and test electronic components. The level of automation integration combined with such a high level technical expertise in machine vision is uncommon in the machine vision industry.

Our customer builds an electronic component featuring multiple circuits and many small connector leads. Since there are many steps to prepare and test the leads, requiring fixturing and microscopic inspection, it is not economical for operators to build parts at the required throughput.

MVC provided a turn-key fully automated machine to handle, laser etch, vision inspect, singulate, electronically test and package the leads. Operators load 8-wafer lead frames onto the system. Each wafer in the frame is indexed to a laser station where a product and date code 2D matrix is etched onto a lead. A barcode reader verifies that the code is readable and correct. A vision system with two cameras, one above and one below, inspects each wafer for defects in its plastic overmold. A punch press separates the wafer metal leads from the frame, leaving the plastic tie bars, so that each wafer can be tested electronically. A cutting station shears the plastic tie bars, separating each wafer from the frame and a robot picks them, depositing them onto a reject conveyor or into one of two pocket tape reels.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Machine designed to handle and inspect 6 different part models
  • User-friendly graphical interface to operate and maintain the system
  • Scale factor 0.001 in/pixel
  • Keyence class IV laser with fume capture.
  • Keyence barcode readers.
  • Custom servo-driven infeed conveyor that interfaces with the upstream production machine.
  • Fanuc 6-axis robot for segregating failed parts to reject conveyors and passing parts to packaging.
  • Cirrus electrical tester, integrated with custom press and tooling.
  • Dam-Bar punch press with custom dies.
  • Custom servo-driven walking-beam conveyor designed to maintain leadframe alignment and synchronization through all of the process stations.
  • Machine cycle rate: 2 seconds per wafer (16 seconds per leadframe)
  • Designed for ease of maintenance and quick product change-over.
  • Safety guarding and controls that conform to the latest safety standards.

Vision Technology

  • Custom C# GUI and application software to communicate with cameras, vision engine, laser marker, barcode readers, and PLC.
  • Cognex VisionPro engine.
  • Quad Core PC with Windows 7 Professional.
  • 2 Basler 5-megapixel GigE monochrome cameras.
  • Telecentric lenses and red filters.
  • Red LED on-axis illumination.

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