MVC Industry Overview

Since our inception in 2002, Machine Vision Company LLC has been an integral solutions provider in the Semiconductor and Electronics industry. We have worked with leading firms on both R&D and practical machine vision solutions such as PCB inspection, end defects in a fiber bundle, and microscopic flow visualization.

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Electrical Connector Inspection

Machine Vision Company LLC developed a vision system to inspect electrical connector components and locate them for robotic pick and place. The vision system was integrated to the customer-developed assembly system.

The vision inspection is a critical part of the assembly process as the connectors are manually assembled with components that are nearly identical, hence, it is easy to assemble them in the wrong order. MVC's vision system inspects each component to assure that it is the correct size and style for its conveyor, it is assembled correctly and it is right-side-up. If the inspections pass, the component location is communicated to a robot which picks it from its conveyor and places it into the fixture.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Inspection time 500 msec/part including picture and screen graphics.
  • Scale factor 0.03 mm/pixel or better.
  • Easy recipe management to introduce new part designs.
  • EtherNet/IP data transfer between PC and customer-supplied PLC.
  • Up to 4 cameras.

Vision Technology

  • MVC’s SureLabel® software product with Cognex VisionPro engine
  • RAID 1 Quad Core PC with Windows 7 Professional, featuring mirrored hard drives in case of drive failure.
  • Basler 5-megapixel GigE monochrome cameras.
  • Backlights beneath the conveyor belts.
  • Cameras are calibrated to report locations formatted to the robot coordinate system.

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