MVC Industry Overview

Since our inception in 2002, Machine Vision Consulting has been an integral solutions provider in the Semiconductor and Electronics industry. We have worked with leading firms on both R&D and practical machine vision solutions such as PCB inspection, end defects in a fiber bundle, and microscopic flow visualization.

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Fiber Bundle Inspection

The Machine Vision System detects defects in the end of a fiber bundle. The fiber bundles were initially inspected visually with the aid of a video camera. The video image is displayed to the operator, and a visual catalog is used to try to detect and classify defects in the rod. The vision system uses a high resolution video camera to automatically detect and classify defects.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Detect flaws in fiber optic bundles containing over 10 thousand individual fibers
  • Each bundle is divided into concentric circular quality areas that have different flaw-acceptance requirements
  • Flaws such as single-fiber defects, adjacent-greys (2-fiber), triads (3-fiber), and multi-fiber clusters are detected and categorized
  • Outputs include a pdf-file report and a Comma-Separated-Value spreadsheet data file containing all of the defect information and statistics for each bundle inspected
  • Inspection is manually controlled from a custom keypad engineered exclusively for operators

Vision Technology

  • Uses Cognex VisionPro software library
  • High Resolution (5-megapixel) IEEE 1394 Firewire camera