MVC Industry Overview

Since our inception in 2002, Machine Vision Company LLC has been an integral solutions provider in the Semiconductor and Electronics industry. We have worked with leading firms on both R&D and practical machine vision solutions such as PCB inspection, end defects in a fiber bundle, and microscopic flow visualization.

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Inspection

Machine Vision Consulting developed a vision system to improve PCB yield and reliability through detection of defects in multi-layer printed circuitry on ceramic substrates. The machine vision system inspects and identifies defects on printed circuit boards (PCBs). PCB defects detected include: contraction, chipout, smear, and contamination.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • CAD (Gerber) data driven semi-automatic inspection program generation.
  • Independent registration of each print layer.
  • Accomodation for acceptable misregistration between layers.
  • Linescan image acquisition with fiberoptic illumination. 80-100 MB image size.

Vision Technology

  • PC Windows XP, multi-core processor, 4GB ram, 32-bit running in 3GB user process mode.
  • Cognex VisionPro and CVL vision libraries.
  • BitFlow Camera Link linescan interface.
  • Dalsa 8k linescan camera.
  • ServoStar CD motion controller.
  • Danaher moving magnet linear motor stage with 0.5 micron encoder.
  • Custom camera & stage mounting gantry.

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