MVC Industry Overview

MVC is prominent in the food & beverage industry with both product offerings and custom projects. Our products offer 360 degree package and label verification (CircumSpect) on nonoriented round or cylindrical products, and muliple label inspection on oriented flat or oval containers including sqrounds (SureLabel). We have delivered final solutions for the inspection of ice cream containers, baby food jars, and foil lids on pudding cups.

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Baby Food Jar Label Inspection

The machine vision system is based on MVC's CircumSpect product. The machine vision system performs verification of the baby jar labels. Verification is determined by using the 2D data matrix (if available), a 1D barcode, and a flavor pattern. Additionally, the vision system inspects for the correct label position relative to the jar by looking at the overlap of the label edges. Finally, the machine vision system determines if the label is flagged or skewed.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Performs label inspection for correctness and defects in both placement and surface condition. Parts are presented at 700 containers/minute (12 per second).
  • The system must determine if the correct label has been applied to the container. Mislabeled products can result in product recalls, customer complaints, and health issues due to potential unlabeled food allergens.
  • Product recipes are created for each SKU with a simple easy to use GUI. The product recipe can be called up by an operator or line controller
  • Multi-level secure login for operators, supervisors, and engineer.
  • All components of the system are wash down capable (NEMA 4X).
  • Turnkey system includes in feed sensing, product rejection, PLC interface for integration with line controller.
  • Full Onsite qualification using IQ, OQ, and PQ.

Vision Technology

  • High Speed High Resolution Firewire cameras (4)
  • 360 degree container inspection.
  • Custom LED lighting system.
  • Pattern Matching, Barcode, Image Metrology, Edge and contour trending.
  • Software based on Cognex Omniview