MVC Industry Overview

MVC is prominent in the food & beverage industry with both product offerings and custom projects. Our products offer 360 degree package and label verification (CircumSpect) on nonoriented round or cylindrical products, and muliple label inspection on oriented flat or oval containers including sqrounds (SureLabel). We have delivered final solutions for the inspection of ice cream containers, baby food jars, and foil lids on pudding cups.

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Coffee Strainer Inspection

The machine vision system provides inspection of coffee strainers used in espresso machines. System used to gauge holes in strainers and measure how closely they match manufacturing specifications.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Handle Multiple Sizes Of Coffee Strainers
  • Allow For Additional Strainer Types To Be Added
  • For Each Strainer, Count Number Of Holes And Measure The Size And Shape Of Each Hole
  • Determine The Distribution Of Hole Sizes And The Total Area Of Holes
  • Compute A Quality Metric To Allow Pass/Fail Inspection Of Strainers
  • Display Images From Scanner And Results On Custom GUI

Vision Technology

  • Acquisition Performed Using Epson Flatbed Scanner Up To 1600 DPI
  • Cognex Dataman Handheld ID Reader Used To Read 2D Data Matrix On Each Strainer
  • Custom Assembly Holds Scanner And Allows Operators To Load/Unload Strainers For Inspection
  • Measurements Taken On Multiple Strainers Simultaneously After They Are Slid Into Scanner Assembly
  • Inspection Results Saved Directly To Excel Format (.xls) Output File
  • Custom Application Based On Cognex C#/.NET VisionPro Library
  • Custom TWAIN Software To Communicate With Scanner