MVC Industry Overview

MVC is prominent in the food & beverage industry with both product offerings and custom projects. Our products offer 360 degree package inspection and label verification (CircumSpect) on nonoriented round or cylindrical products, and muliple label inspection on oriented flat or oval containers including sqrounds (SureLabel). We have delivered final solutions for the inspection of ice cream containers, baby food jars, salad dressing containers, and foil lids on pudding cups.

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Foil Lid and Lid Seal Inspection

The machine vision system provides automated inspection of a foil lid on a food container. The vision system ensures that the lid (which is heat-sealed) is securely sealed, the lid is present, the lid is not off-center, and the system verifies lid seal integrity.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Inspect Lids at 10/second
  • Determine Lid Position to 10mils
  • Large and Moderate Leak Detection (to 5mm)
  • Identifies Misprinted Logos
  • Nema 4X Compliant
  • Easy "Show and Go" Training of New Lids

Vision Technology

  • FireWire Digital Camera
  • Dome Lighting
  • Application developed using C#/.net and Cognex VisionPro

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