MVC Industry Overview

MVC is prominent in the food & beverage industry with both product offerings and custom projects. Our products offer 360 degree package inspection and label verification (CircumSpect) on nonoriented round or cylindrical products, and muliple label inspection on oriented flat or oval containers including sqrounds (SureLabel). We have delivered final solutions for the inspection of ice cream containers, baby food jars, salad dressing containers, and foil lids on pudding cups.

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Wood Popsicle Stick Inspection

A food stick manufacturer was developing the design for a new popsicle stick sorter which could achieve a maximum speed of 1200 sticks per minute. In addition to the high speed requirement, the inspection system was required to inspect the top surface of the popsicle stick for shading or knot issues, and to inspect each end of the wood stick with side-mounted cameras.

MVC developed a Cognex VisionPro-based 3-camera inspection solution that addressed the inspection and speed requirements. This system was integrated with the existing PLC controls for the sorter, and the vision system provided the inspection information required to enable the sorter to categorize the sticks correctly.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Inspect and process at a rate of 1200 sticks per minute
  • Capable of tracking stick location & inspection results within the system.
  • Communicate with reject/sorting mechanism
  • Operator friendly user interface, to create a seamless transfer to new system
  • Popsicle Inspection Requirements:
    • Length
    • Width
    • Detection of the following irregularities:
      • chips,
      • banana shape,
      • knots,
      • color consistency,
      • cupped & propeller shapes.

Vision Technology

  • Cognex Vision Pro
  • Sony HR70 Cameras
  • Cognex Analog Frame Grabber
  • Wave Mirrors
  • CCS Red bar & ring lights
  • CCS Compact Strobe Controller

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