Machine Vision Company LLC

MVC provides turnkey inspection solutions that ensure that customer's products meet their specifications.

Our commercial product suite, focused on the food and beverage industry, eliminates costly recalls due to manufacturing errors in packaging and labeling, while assuring consumer protection against unlabeled allergens.

We deliver custom machine vision inspection and defect detection systems across a wide variety of industries.

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Recall Prevention
Label Inspection Product Suite


Inspects oriented, flat, oval or sqround shaped objects

Inspects oriented flat or oval containers


360 degree inspection, un-oriented jars, bottles and cylindrical containers

Inspects jars and labels


Inspects moving or rolling can lids or labels

Inspect Can Lids Can Labels


Inspects tamper evident closures

Inspect tamper evident enclosures

MVC's label inspection product suite, ensures product quality, eliminates costly recalls and provides insurance against unlabeled allergens.

Machine Vision Industry Expertise

Food & Beverage

Ice cream container verification, package seal inspection, foil lid inspection.

Food & Beverage Industry

Consumer Packaging

Inspecting cigarette paper banding, tamper band on ice cream packages, multi-pack 2D code verification, verifying correct diaper count in a diaper package.

Machine Vision in Consumer Packaging Inspections


Inspection of roller bearings, inspection circuit boards for automatic brake systems.

Machine Vision in Automotive


PCB inspection, identify end defects in a fiber bundle, microscopic flow visualization.

Vision Inspection in the Electronics Industry

Medical Devices

Bottle fill height measurement, mechanical heart valve inspection, dry powder inhaler device inspection, staple suture inspection.

Medical Device Vision Inspections


Date & lot code verification, pill counting, foreign pill detection.

Machine Vision Inspections in Pharmaceuticals