Industries Overview

Machine Vision Company LLC (MVC) is a complete machine vision solutions provider. We work with over 200 customers spanning a variety of industries. It is very likely we have worked within your industry.

MVC is likely very experienced in your industry. Check out the industries we work in and let us help you satisfy your machine vision need by calling us at 978.551.4160.

MVC Customers

"We recently had two problems at the filler station where the wrong lid was put on the ice cream container. Both times the vision system caught the problem and rejected the container. I received an email from the plant manager who said that he was very happy that these potential customer issues were avoided."

Cyrus Irani, Kemps

Schwan's Ice Cream

"Our measurement system is doing a great job of measuring the thickness of all of our products.  The thing that we have been the most impressed with has been the ability of the system to measure repeatedly on the full variety of our products (Plastic film side up, all colors, etc.).  We'd like to do a more in-depth study of the system and our product range to come up with a complete list of scaling factors, but for now, we're finding that once the process is "dialed in", the system can monitor even the slightest thickness changes."

Mike Benz, Rogers

Machine Vision in Food and Beverage Packaging

Food & Beverage Packaging

Machine Vision Company is prominent in the food & beverage industry with both product offerings and custom projects. Our products offer 360 degree package and label verification (CircumSpect®) on nonoriented round containers, and multiple label inspection on oriented flat or oval containers (SureLabel®). We have delivered final solutions for the inspection of ice cream containers, baby food jars, food pouch seals, and foil lids on pudding cups.

Machine Vision in Medical Industry


Over the past two years, MVC has increased its presence in the medical industry through many high-end custom vision solutions. Our solutions include: bottle fill height measurement, mechanical heart valve inspection, dry powder inhaler device inspection, staple suture inspection. Additionally, we have provided formal IQ, OQ, and PQ documentation.

Machine Vision in Pharmaceutical


MVC developed the VisionGuard product in support of the Pharma industry as a common user interface front end for the Cognex In-Sight vision sensor which is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. We have also delivered our CircumSpect® product in support of e-pedigree requirements. Aside from product deliveries, we have delivered custom solutions for date and Lot-code verification, pill counting, and foreign pill detection.

Machine Vision in Electronics


Since our inception in 2002, MVC has been integral solutions provider in the Semiconductor and Electronics industry. We have worked with leading firms on both R&D and practical machine vision solutions such as PCB inspection, end defects in a fiber bundle, and microscopic flow visualization.

Machine Vision in Packaging

Consumer Product Packaging

MVC has deployed our CodeSure® product for code reading on cigarette packs, and deployed custom vision solutions for inspecting the banding on cigarette paper, the tamper band on ice cream packages, and for verfiying the correct count of diapers in a diaper package.

Machine Vision in Automotive


MVC has developed applications for the Automobile industry. Specifically, the inspection of roller bearings and circuit boards for automatic break systems.