MVC Industry Overview

Over the past two years, MVC has increased its presence in the medical industry through many high-end custom vision solutions. Our solutions include: glass slide inspection, bottle fill height measurement, mechanical heart valve inspection, dry powder inhaler device inspection, staple suture inspection. Additionally, we have provided formal IQ, OQ, and PQ documentation.

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Fluid Level Check Inspection

The Machine Vision System is a multi-vision sensor inspection system, with each vision sensor at a separate station. The first station performs label verification by reading the date and lot code on the label. The second station performs closure mark detection to determine if the cap has been tightened. The third station performs liquid height verification.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • I-Mark detection station verifies that the bottle’s cap has been tightened properly
  • The liquid-level station accurately measures the level of the liquid inside the bottle
  • The label verification station uses OCR to verify lot and date-code information
  • The PC graphical user interface communicates with the 3 sensors and the Markem “SmartLase” laser label-printer to combine all of the resultant information into pass/fail criteria for bottle acceptance / rejection

Vision Technology

  • Three InSight 5100 Vision Sensors
  • One PC-based UI (written in Visual Basic) to handle all three sensors