MVC Industry Overview

Over the past several years, MVC has increased its presence in the medical industry through many high-end custom vision solutions. Our solutions include: glass slide inspection, bottle fill height measurement, mechanical heart valve inspection, dry powder inhaler device inspection, staple suture inspection. Additionally, we have provided formal IQ, OQ, and PQ documentation.

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Surgical Staple Inspection

Off-line station for the detection and measurement of Surgical Staples. Previously, this inspection and analysis process was performed by a human operator, which was slow, tedious, and prone to error both in the inspection and in the recording of results. The staple shape formed by the stapling process is a critical indicator of the correct operation of the stapler. Machine Vision Company automated this process by automatically detecting, classifying, measuring and recording staples found on a test strip. For individual staple locations in the test strip where the system cannot accurately and confidently measure a staple form, a “vision assisted” system mode allows an operator to quickly perform a manual measurement.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Inspect Staples Of Various Shapes, Sizes And Curvatures
  • Inspect Staple Patterns Of Various Quantity, Layouts And Shapes
  • Allow Users To Add New Staples And Patterns
  • Save Gauging Results To Excel-Format Output File.
  • Allow For Images To Be Acquired And Processed On Same Inspection Station, Or Processed On Laptop-Based Remote Analysis Station.
  • Remote Analysis Laptop Stations Deployed Internationally.

Vision Technology

  • High Resolution (5 Mp) Monochrome FireWire Camera
  • Uses Flexible Pattern Alignment To Locate Positions Of Staples In Highly Distorted Linear And Circular Patterns.
  • Uses Flexible Model Analysis To Measure Features Of Staples Of Various Shapes And Curvatures.
  • Allows Technicians To Approve Or Modify Staple Gauging Results.
  • Custom Camera And Lighting Station For Offline Inspection
  • Software Based On Cognex C#/.NET VisionPro Library