MVC Integration Partnerships

Machine Vision Company LLC is the only Machine Vision Integrator that is certified as the highest level integrator for these machine vision product companies: Cognex, Keyence, Matrox, Sony, and MVTec.

MVC Partner Perspectives

"Machine Vision Company LLC (MVC) has been a longtime partner and trusted friend to Cognex. Their expertise, experience and enthusiasm for machine vision is a huge asset to the Cognex Partner program."

Kris Nelson, VP Sales, Cognex

MVC is BioSiteSafe Certified

BioSiteSafe facilitates Personnel Screening, Compliance Awareness and Testing, and Workplace Security Credentialing in compliance with recent industry standards as required by Pharmaceuticals, Biotech companies and the businesses that serve them.

Machine Vision Company LLC has successfully completed the BioSiteSafe certification process. As part of the process, MVC personnel completed background checks and industry training while MVC as whole was also certified as OSHA compliant.

MVC is BioSiteSafe Certified

MVC Industry Certifications and Integration Partnerships


Cognex Preferred System Integrator

Machine Vision Company LLC (MVC) is a "Cognex Partner System Integrator (PSI)" fully trained and authorized on Cognex's entire product line: In-Sight, VisionPro, CVL,and Checkpoint. MVC has attained the highest level machine vision integrator rating of "Partner" for their proven ability to deliver high-quality working machine vision applications.



Machine Vision Company LLC is a certified integrator of Keyence experienced in the CV Vision Systems.


Matrox Authorized Integrator

MVC is an authorized "Matrox Imaging Authorized Integrator" experienced in Matrox' MIL software library.



Machine Vision Company LLC is a "Sony Machine Vision Integrator" for the Sony Smart Camera. The Sony Smart Camera can run Cognex's VisionPro, Matrox MIL, and MVTec's Halcon software libraries as a basis for the development and delivery of custom vision solutions.


MVTec Certified Integration Partner

MVC is now a member of the "Certified Integration Partner Program." We are the first vision integrator in the United States selected for this program. Machine Vision Company LLC is fully trained on the Halcon software package and has successfully completed many installations.