MVC Industry Overview

Machine Vision Company LLC has deployed our CodeSure® product for code reading on the surface of cans, bottles, cigarette packs, and custom vision solutions for inspecting the banding on cigarette paper, and for insuring the correct count of diapers in a diaper package.

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Diaper Counting

Machine Vision Company LLC has created a unique solution for counting diapers using vision instead of weight, to count diapers prior to packaging.

The new diaper counting vision system verifies the correct quantity of diapers, ensuring that no customer is short-changed when they purchase a package of diapers. Through the use of cameras and vision techniques, the integrated vision system counts the number of diapers and verifies the correct number of diapers is dispensed into bags to be sold on the market. Previously, diaper counts were determined by weight and often inaccurate due the variance in acceptable weight tolerance of each individual diaper.

This machine vision diaper counting system has been developed to accommodate various product counts.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Reject diaper package if critical fault (i.e., less than desired quantity) for repackaging
  • Able to inspect for different product counts
  • Records reject rates and non critical faults (i.e., more than desired quantity) for waste and cost analysis

Vision Technology

  • Cognex High Resolution InSight 5403 vision sensor
  • Structured laser light
  • GUI is based on MVC's VisionGuard product

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