MVC Industry Overview

Machine Vision Company LLC has deployed our CodeSure® product for code reading on the surface of cans, bottles, cigarette packs, and custom vision solutions for inspecting the banding on cigarette paper, and for insuring the correct count of diapers in a diaper package.

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Multi-Pack 2D Code Verification

Machine Vision Company LLC developed a system that reads 2D Data Matrix codes printed on pharmaceutical cartons packed in final shipping containers. This system is used to support an overall pharmaceutical serialization and tracking process.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Handle Multiple Sizes and Layouts of Cartons inside Shipping Container
  • Handle up to 100 individual Data Matrix codes in single inspection
  • Receive incoming Commands over Ethernet using TCP/IP
  • Send Results over Ethernet via Web Service Calls
  • Decode Up to 100 Data Matrix Codes and Send Results within 1 Second
  • Display images from all four camera as one “stitched” image on GUI
  • Touchscreen Interface

Vision Technology

  • 4 High Resolution (5 Mp) Monochrome FireWire Camera
  • Uses Custom Image Alignment and Stitching Algorithms
  • Custom Camera and Lighting Enclosure for Inspection
  • Decoding of 2D Data Matrix Symbology
  • Software Based on Cognex VisionPro

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