MVC Industry Overview

Machine Vision Consulting has deployed our CodeSure product for code reading on cigarette packs, and custom vision solutions for inspecting the banding on cigarette paper, and for insuring the correct count of diapers in a diaper package.

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Web Thickness Measurement

The Machine Vision System is a thickness measuring system to constantly measure and monitor the thickness of web material via seven laser measuring sensors distributed across the width of the material. The system interfaces to Wonderware to provide the thickness information, application status information, and to allow configuration of the sensor’s horizontal position.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Accurately determine the thickness of laminated material over a roller
  • Measurements to be taken at seven locations on the web
  • Sensors to be mounted on a gantry held over the roller

Vision Technology

  • Uses 7, MicroEpsilon ODC-2600 sensors interfaced with 4, IF-2004 cards to accurately measure the thickness of a web
  • An encoder is used to measure roller angle so accurate roller-profiling can be performed
  • Measurement results are gathered, processed, and sent to a Wonderware control PC via ModBus TCP
  • I/O is used to control raising and lowering the gantry containing the 7 sensors for easy web insertion

Customer Perspective

"Our measurement system is doing a great job of measuring the thickness of all of our products.  The thing that we have been the most impressed with has been the ability of the system to measure repeatedly on the full variety of our products (Plastic film side up, all colors, etc.).  We'd like to do a more in-depth study of the system and our product range to come up with a complete list of scaling factors, but for now, we're finding that once the process is "dialed in", the system can monitor even the slightest thickness changes."

Mike Benz, Rogers