MVC Industry Overview

Machine Vision Company LLC has deployed our CodeSure® product for code reading on the surface of cans, bottles, cigarette packs, and custom vision solutions for inspecting the banding on cigarette paper, and for insuring the correct count of diapers in a diaper package.

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Wine Label Inspection

Machine Vision Company LLC (MVC) developed a system for verifying the correct label bundle within a carton filled with label bundles. MVC used it's SureLabel® software to image the filled carton and verify that the expected label bundles are present before the filled carton is labeled and shipped.

The new machine vision system replaces a manual process where an operator manually inspected boxed labels that were often very similar in nature. Because the labels were so similar, human error did occur from time to time resulting in the incorrect labels being shipped to a customer.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • Custom Operator Interface with logging trace ability & communication to laser printer.
  • Tolerate Label Bundle Height Variations within a Carton of up to a ½ inch Range
  • The imaging system will provide approximately 0.002 inches of resolution per image pixel across the carton width with barcode reading capabilities.
  • An offline training station equipped with confusion detection, where label recipes can be created, then transferred to verification system via customer’s network
  • The speed of the verification process will be under 3 seconds once the image of the carton is completely acquired.
  • Adjustable height imaging station to accommodate different bundle heights
  • Integration of laser printer.
  • Integration of box taper (used for carton sealing)
  • PDF Image import For Recipe Training

Vision Technology

  • MVC SureLabel Inspection Technology
  • Dalsa 8K Line Scan Camera
  • Schott fiber Line Light & Linear Polarizer
  • Cognex Vision Pro Max Software
  • Epson Scanner Perfection V750-M Pro
  • GUF-P 200 Cleated Conveyor
  • Hope Industrial Touch screen 17” Monitor

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