MVC Industry Overview

Machine Vision Company LLC has recently developed the VisionGuard product in support of the Pharma industry as a common user interface front end for the Cognex In-Sight vision sensor which is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. We have also delivered our CircumSpect product in support of e-pedigree requirements. Aside from product deliveries, we have delivered custom solutions for date and Lot-code verification, pill counting, and foreign pill detection.

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Pill Counting & Prescription Verification

The Eyecon™ revolutionizes prescription counting and filling via a tabletop automated pill counter.

Machine Vision Company provided vision technology to GSE Scale Systems, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical counting scales, for the accurate counting of pills for pharmacies. The technology is incorporated into the Eyecon™, a precision pharmacy scale used by pharmacies to ensure the correct pill count for each prescription dispensed.

MVC is an authorized reseller of the Eyecon. Contact us for purchasing information.

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System & Vision Requirements

  • 99.99% Pill Count Accuracy
  • Count 100+ Pills In Less Than 200 ms
  • No Visible Illumination
  • Minimally Visible Camera And Optics
  • Create A Database Of Trained Pills For Counting
  • Easy Addition Of Pill Types To The Built-In Database Of Trained Pills
  • Count Pills When They Are Laying Flat Or On Their Side
  • Count Pills Even When They Are Touching
  • Count Pills Of Various Shape – Circular, Oval, Polygonal, Etc.
  • Detect When An Incorrect Pill Type Or Foreign Material Is Present

Vision & System Technology

  • USB Monochrome VGA Camera
  • Simple Touchscreen Interface
  • Software Based On Matrox C#/.Net ActiveMIL Library
  • Patent-Pending Pill Counting Technology Developed By MVC
  • Infrared Illumination