High Speed OCV

CodeSure® is a fully integrated hardware/ software solution suite providing code and label verification on moving or rolling cans. Machine Vision Company's unique system design supports machine code verification on can lids using optical character verification (OCV) as well as inspects can label correctness by verifying the barcode or 2D Data Matrix.

MVC Customers

Knouse ConAgra
Allens Inc RJ Reynolds

Product Information

For an overview of the MVC CodeSure® product, refer to our brochure:

CodeSure® Brochure [PDF 1 MB]

For additional information on the two modules of CodeSure: CodeSure CanLid and CodeSure CanLabel, download the white paper:

CodeSure® Overview [PDF 1.6 MB]

CodeSure® Benefits

MVC's CodeSure offers the following benefits:

  • Fully integrated turnkey hardware/software can inspection solution
  • Provides code and label verification on rolling cans
  • High speed Optical Character Verification (OCV)
  • Intuitive User Interface
    • Enables fast product changeover
    • Create and save custom configurations
  • All popular ink jet printers are supported:
    • Domino
    • Videojet
    • Markem
  • Full Life Cycle support backed by 100 years of combined machine vision experience

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CodeSure® Capabilities

  • Operates at common canning line speeds
  • Lid Verifications include:
    • Verifies OCV on Date/Lot Codes and/or Product Codes
    • Handles dot matrix printing from all common industrial printers (e.g., Domino and VideoJet)
    • Handles common conditions from the high-speed printing process such as character skew, character stretch
  • Label Verifications include:
    • Verification of Standard 1-D barcodes
    • Verification of 2-D data matrix codes
    • Any location: 1-D barcodes and 2-D data matrix codes can be anywhere on the label and in any orientation
  • Secure Access (Log-ins, Passwords, Roles and Permissions)
  • Event Logging:
    • Log-ins, Log-outs
    • Container changes
    • Label configuration changes
    • Parameter changes

CodeSure® Components


  • Image enclosure
    • Analog, FireWire or GiG-E cameras for Lid Verification
    • FireWire or GiG-E cameras for Label Verification
    • Custom lighting solution
  • Operator Workstation/Electronics Enclosure
    • 17" touchscreen
    • Cooled via fan or vortex
    • Opto-isolated I/O via Allen Bradley PLC
  • User's Manual
  • System Schematics


  • NEMA/4/4X: Stainless steel food grade construction
  • Reject Mechanism
  • Lockable Reject Box
  • Product Singulator