"Show and Go" SureLabel®-ONE
Label Inspection System

SureLabel®-ONE provides a “show and go” label verification system that ensures that the expected web labels, labels or boxes are being used on the packaging line.

SureLabel®-ONE is trained “on-the-fly” for each product run providing simplicity in ease of use and flexbility on the manufacturing line.

SureLabel®-ONE Customers

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SureLabel®-ONE Product Information

For an overview of the SureLabel®-ONE label inspection system, refer to our brochure:

SureLabel®-ONE Brochure [PDF]

SureLabel®-ONE Benefits

Label Inspection Benefits

  • Provide the means to verify that the carton or package presented is the one that is expected
  • Foreign container detection – SureLabel™ ONE will pass the label or package that is expected and will fail anything presented that is not expected, without the need to identify the foreign label or package
  • Provide flexibility in selecting the method of identification most suitable to the packaging being verified
  • No PC required
  • "Show and Go" simplicity and flexibility
    • Enables fast product changeover
    • Flexible location of identifier
    • Select type of identifier for each run
  • Uses a single identifier for product or label verification
    • A single 2D barcode, OR
    • A single linear barcode, OR
    • A unique pattern (e.g., flavor)
  • Full Life Cycle support backed by 200 years of combined machine vision experience

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SureLabel®-ONE Capabilities

Label or Product Inspection Capabilities

  • Operates at up to 400 ppm
  • Trains for an inspection on:
    • 2D Barcode inspection / verification, OR
    • A  single linear barcode, OR
    • Custom label inspection / unique pattern

SureLabel®-ONE System Components


  • In-Sight 5603 Vision Sensor (IP 67 rated)
  • LED Lighting Module with strobe control
  • Stainless steel enclosure with Cognex VisionView Monitor
  • Discrete I/O Module
  • Pre-loaded verification and inspection application
  • User’s Manual
  • System Schematics


  • NEMA 4/4X : Stainless steel food grade construction
  • Adjustable XY imaging system position bracket, with tool-free adjustment
  • Reject Mechanism