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Machine Vision Support

Machine Vision Company (MVC) offers a wide range of technical support from on-site visits with an experienced vision engineer to remote support to our newest offering of a Machine Vision System Tune Up.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your machine vision applications or develop a new system for you: 508.366.1106.

MVC Customer Support

If you are currently on a support contract with MVC, you may contact our technical support team directly at:

(508) 475-9550

Or we can connect with you:

Technical Support - Multi-Tiered: On-site and Remote

MVC provides unparalleled support services. Two thirds of our business is repeat business. MVC offers Multi-tiered technical support program for MVC customers that may include:

  • Web-based support interface
  • Phone and Email support
  • Remote Login and assistance through “gotoassist”
  • Regional (local) support through employees and contractor partners
  • On-Site Support from an experienced technician or vision engineer
  • First “n” days of support are included in the project
  • Same day response in most cases

Contact us directly for any machine vision support needs: 508.366.1106.

New: Machine Vision System Tune Up

Tune up your system to gain peak performance

Onsite vision system tune-up includes:

  • Verification and testing of:
    • sensor alignment
    • camera alignment
    • rejector alignment
    • external communication to and from PLC or other controller
    • discrete IO functions
  • Optimization of:
    • PC hard drive
    • inspection parameters
    • software (i.e., updating where necessary)
  • Preventative maintenance:
    • tighten wire and cable connections
    • clean PC cooling system
    • clean optics and lights
  • Replace key parts:
    • UPS battery
    • stack light bulbs
  • Complimentary 60 days of remote technical support

Machine vision technician performing vision system tune up

Contact us directly to learn more about this new offering: 508.366.1106. Download our Machine Vision System Tune Up brochure.